The French Navy will hire 16 Dauphin and H160M helicopters this year

In one article published in the daily Ouest-France, we learn that the French Navy will receive the first used Dauphin helicopters in 2020, which will be rented for the occasion from a consortium between DCI and Heli-Union. This 10-year contract was notified on December 3, 2019, and covers 12 Dauphin helicopters acquired second-hand from companies that implemented them for the benefit of oil companies in the offshore sector in Africa. They will be previously revised, modernized and adapted to the specific needs of the French Navy by HeliDax, and will replace the Alouette III and Lynx remaining in service in naval aeronautics on Surveillance Frigates serving overseas, PHA helicopter carriers, the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and supply ships. They will also arm the Immediate Assault Plan for the benefit of State forces, in the event of a terrorist attack.

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