Construction of the two Russian helicopter carriers will begin in May

according to a article published by the TASS agency, the program for the construction of two new helicopter carrier assault ships for the Russian Navy, and in accordance with outline by President Putin, will be officially launched on the occasion of the ceremonies of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, on May 9, 2020. As expected, the construction will be entrusted to the Zaliv shipyards, in Crimea, without this being a surprise since 'these are shipyards with the most suitable infrastructure to build such imposing ships. The contract should be signed during the month of February, and delivery of the second unit is scheduled for 2027.

More is also known about the general characteristics of the two vessels. It will not be, as one might initially have a “Priboy” type configuration as proposed by the Krylov design offices of Saint-Petersburg, but a more conventional architecture for this type of building, approaching that of the French Mistrals. On the other hand, the new "Mistralsky" are more imposing than their French cousins. 220 m long against 199 for the Mistral, they will reach a loaded tonnage of 25.000 tonnes, where the Naval Group ship tops out at 21.000 tonnes. More imposing, the Russian helicopter carriers will be able to implement up to 20 helicopters of different types, and to transport up to 900 men composing the force of assault. They will also be equipped with a raft to implement landing barges and assault hovercraft.

For several years, the BE Krylov "Priboy" model was presented by the Russian press as the future model of the Russian Navy's assault helicopter carrier.

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