US Navy format and surface vessels inadequate to deal with China

Specialized in studies on Defense subjects concerning the United States, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, or CSBA, has just published a particularly critical study concerning theThe current choices in the US Navy when it comes to building up its fleet of surface. And the conclusion is clear: with its current format, the US Navy is unable to meet the level of challenge posed by China on the seas and in the air.

Indeed, according to the published study, the US Navy bases its surface power on large units, expensive and greedy in human resources, using very powerful active radars and sonars, and numerous missiles in vertical silos. Now, naval warfare has become a matter of discretion and stealth. Surface units using their radars or sonars in active mode can effectively detect ships and aircraft within a certain perimeter, but accurately report their position to all ships and aircraft patrolling at much greater distances. In the age of long-range anti-ship missiles, which can now reach targets over 1000 km (Tzirkon), and even beyond for anti-ballistic missiles like the Chinese DF-21D, the use of a radar like the SPY-6 which will equip the new Arleigh Burke Flight III destroyers, will act as a multidirectional position light in the oceans for all naval, submarine and air units in the area. In addition, since the strategic paradigms of the US Navy have not changed since the 80s, when the Ticonderoga cruisers and the Burke destroyer entered service, potential adversaries of the US Navy had plenty of time to design buildings and tactics making the forces of the US Navy a weakness if it were to face them.

The Chinese ballistic anti-ship missile DF21D has a range greater than 1500 km

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