The 10 most read articles on Meta-defense in 2019

To start the year off right, and while awaiting the resumption of publications on January 6, nothing like a little look back on the key events of 2019, through the ranking of the 10 most viewed articles of the year on Meta-Defense. All these articles will be available for free consultation until January 31, 2019

Vostok 2018 China Russia Analysis Defense | Europe

10ème : Sino-Russian couple to prevail over Western forces according to Pentagon simulations

Article of August 5, 2019

The sentence is final: Pentagon simulations at the start of 2019, based on a major conflict between the West and the Chinese and Russian coalition forces, the Western forces would be systematically swept away and only the use of strategic fire would be able to avoid the debacle; which, as we know, is far from an acceptable solution ...

Un Rafale F3 of the air component of the French deterrent equipped with an ASMPA missile Defense Analyzes | Europe

9ème : The Air Force is missing 110 combat aircraft today

Article of August 1, 2019

The 2018 Air Force activity report tells us that the Air Force fighter jets in 2018 flew more than 10.000 flight hours in external operations (up 20% compared to compared to 2017), during almost 2800 combat missions. These values ​​alone and to a large extent explain the tensions affecting the availability of devices ...

Arquus TDAY AtelierDynamique 24052019 009 Analyzes Defense | Europe

8ème : The Scarabée, a concentrate of innovations in a French light armored vehicle

Article of November 29, 2019

Despite the failure of its Combat Reconnaissance Armored Buggy, or CRAB, presented at Eurosatory 2012 as a potential replacement for LAV, probably too far ahead of the needs of the armed forces, Arquus, which took over the Panhard brand in 2012, continued to work on its concept of a high performance light armored vehicle ...

Musko Base Bunker Defense Analytics | Europe

7ème : Sweden re-activates naval bunkers against Russian threat

Article of October 8, 2019

The strengthening of Russian military capacities is taken very seriously by the Swedish authorities, as is the case, moreover, for the majority of the Scandinavian countries or bordering the Baltic Sea. Although a member of the European Union, Sweden, like Finland, is a country which defines itself as neutral and which, in fact, does not belong to NATO.

DA00023561 Si Analyzes Defense | Europe

6ème : The 5 major equipment that will miss the French armies in 2025-2030

Article of August 3, 2019

Over the years, the information transmitted, or filtered, concerning the reinforcement of the forces of the great military powers, and the new equipment that they will put into service in the years to come, become more and more precise, and more and more worrying. This concern turns into worry when ...

purchasing 36 rafale by India in 2016 had turned into a political scandal opponents of President Narendra Modi were already denouncing the role played by a close friend of the Indian Prime Minister Defense Analysis | Europe

5ème : Rafale in India: Contradictory statements make sense!

Article of October 7, 2019

We can say, in recent weeks, the declarations concerning the possibility of a new order of Rafale for the Indian Air Force were contradictory to say the least. Indeed, between the Indian indiscretions who spoke of'' an "imminent" order for 200 devices, those from France who announced significant advances

The first Su57s will enter service in 2020 with the Russian Air Force Analyzes Défense | Europe

4ème : The 10 points that allow Russia to outperform Europe in Defense

Article of June 1, 2019

With a defense budget of only $ 50 billion, Russia today ranks 7th in world defense spending, behind, among others, the United Kingdom, France and Saudi Arabia. However, in 2019 Russian military power is at such a level that it represents a major threat to NATO ...

Mirage2000 5 from the Hellenic Air Force Analyzes Defense | Europe

3ème : Muscular confrontation between the Greek and Turkish air forces

Article of December 11, 2019

Obviously, Turkey underestimated the fighting spirit of the Greeks. Greek air forces responded yesterday (December 10th) to 3 massive intrusions by Turkish aircraft into Athens' air traffic control zone, sending large numbers of Hellenic air force aircraft to intercept them. According to the Greek Minister of Defense, N. Panagiotopoulos, the Greek Mirages "fell" on Turkish planes and gave them a "flying lesson"

TwInvis Defense Analysis | Europe

2nd : German Hensoldt has shown that F35 can be detected by passive radar

September 30, 2019 article

The American site, part of the sphere, published the story that led Lockheed to keep its F35As dispatched to the Berlin Air Show in 2018, on the airfield, on the ground. Schönefeld near Berlin, while NATO and the United States were doing everything in their power to get Germany to choose the stealth machine to replace its Tornado.

Izdeliye 30 Su 57 NPO Analyzes Defense | Europe

1er : New Su-57 engine not yet available

Article of December 9, 2019

Among the many innovations brought by the program of new generation Russian fighter Su-57, the new turbojet engine temporarily designated by the Izdeliye code 30 (object 30), was probably the most complex. It must be said that the ambitions carried by this program are on a scale with those of the Su-57 itself

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