Vladimir Putin traces the trajectory for the modernization of the Russian Navy in the years to come

On the occasion of the 14th La Défense meeting, taking place in Sochi, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Poutine, defined the main axes for the modernization of the Navy Russian in the years to come, coming to be part of the current programming law from 2019 to 2027. In previous periods, the Russian Navy had been somewhat neglected, investments having been concentrated on the construction of patrol boats and light corvettes missile launchers, submarines 636.3 Improved Kilo, the development of the Borei program and the Bulava strategic missile. With the disappearance of the INF treaty, Russia will have less recourse to this fleet of light vessels to implement the Kalibr cruise missile, the treaty prohibiting the use of this type of missiles on land launchers. In addition, the modernization of Russian shipyards having been completed, the country is now able to produce larger tonnage units again.

Generalization of the hypersonic Missile 3M22 Tzirkon

The first strong axis defined by the Russian president rests, unsurprisingly, on the generalization of the Tzirkon anti-ship missile on as many combat ships as possible: frigates, corvettes, submarines and coastal batteries. With a range of over 1000 km, and a speed of Mach 9, the Tzirkhon is today virtually beyond the reach of all anti-missile protection systems of Western navies, with the exception of jamming systems. In addition, the missile was designed to be implemented by the same launch silo as those used for Kalibr cruise missiles or supersonic Onyx anti-ship missiles, which now equip many Russian ships in service or under construction.

3M22 Tzirkon missile provides important tactical advantage to Russian Navy units

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