The Admiral Gorshkov Frigates mark the renewal of the naval industry and the Russian Navy

After a construction which took almost 10 years, the frigate Admiral Kasanotov, the first production unit of the Admiral Gorshkov-class project 22350, has begun its sea trials for the Russian Navy, before entering service which is due to take place before the end of the year. After nearly three decades of lean cows and difficulties, the upcoming entry into service of the new frigate marks the return of the Russian military naval industry to the market for high seas units, and allows the Russian Navy to begin the renewal of its ships inherited from the Soviet period.

With a load capacity of 5.400 tonnes for 135 m long, the frigate Admiral Kasanatov is positioned between the Krivak and Neutrashimy class frigates, respectively 3600 and 4400 tonnes, and the Sovremenny destroyers of 6600 tonnes. If it took a long time to build, the ship which will soon enter service will be particularly well equipped. In terms of armament, the frigate has, in addition to its 130 mm gun, 16 long silos to implement Onyx anti-ship missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, or the Tzirkon anti-ship hypersonic missile which is due to enter service next year. Added to this are 24 silos for anti-aircraft missiles of the Poliment-Redut system, covering several types of missiles ranging from the 9M96M with a range of 120 km, to the 9M100 self-defense missile at short range against aircraft, drones and missiles, and which can be "quad pack", ie assembled by 4 missiles in a single cell of the silo.

Close-up of the launch silos in the foredeck of the Frigate Admiral Gorshkov's Poliment-Redut system.

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