The Air School offers a Meta-Defense subscription to its students

TheSchool of Air and Space, located in Salon de Provence on the BA 701 and which trains the officers of theAir Force, subscribed a subscription Education with Meta-Défense to provide each of his students with an individual account to access all the articles and analyzes of the service, on the web or on the mobile application. The aim is to improve and expand the information, and thus the training, of the students and officers of tomorrow, on international defense issues, as well as to give them a better understanding of the various armed forces and defense equipment in the world. beyond those employed by theAir Force.

Meta-Défense is an information and analysis service for issues related to Defense news, international relations, armed forces and defense equipment around the world. The service is accessible by subscription, via internet and mobile application on Android and IOS.

The offer « Education Offers subscriptions in batches (from 100 accounts) at special rates starting from 6 € per year per subscriber, and a simplified subscription procedure. It is aimed at schools, universities, training centers and state public services, and can be implemented in less than 24 hours. In addition to distributed access, it offers the possibility of publishing articles aimed solely at school or service subscribers, as well as an anonymized statistical report on the use of the service. For more information :

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