Burst in India: Conflicting statements make sense!

It can be said that, in recent weeks, statements regarding the possibility of a new Rafale order for the Indian Air Force have been contradictory to say the least. Indeed, between the Indian indiscretions who spoke of'' an "imminent" order for 200 devices, those from France who announced important progress on an order 36 devices, the progress of the AMFA contract in which Dassault participates for 114 devices, and the statements of the Chief of Staff of the IAF specifying that he had no other acquisition plans in progress than the MRFA and AMCA programs, there was reason to doubt the credibility of each of the sources.

More the information published by M.Cabirol in an article published today on the LaTribune.fr economic site suddenly put everything in perspective, and, paradoxically, make it possible to understand why this information was so contradictory, and yet all so valid. According to the French journalist, very informed of industrial defense issues, the French and Indian governments have been actively negotiating, since the end of the legislative elections in India having seen a final victory for N. Modi re-elected as prime minister and having, this time, 'an absolute majority. These negotiations relate to a new order for Rafale for the Indian Air Force. These devices would this time be produced in India, and not in France as was the case for the first order for 36 aircraft, currently being delivered. According to the article, citing "corroborating sources", the objective of these negotiations would be to make it possible to formalize this order during the official visit of President Macron to his counterpart N. Modi, on the occasion of the Indian national holiday. of January 26, 2020. This order, by mutual agreement, would relate to at least 36 devices, but the figure of a hundred devices would also be advanced.

The current negotiations are taking place at the summit of states, and will (probably) be formalized by the two heads of state during President Macron's visit to New Delhi on January 26, 2020

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