The couple Su-57 / Okhotnik-B made their first flight

According to Tass Agency, this Friday, September 27, the first flight took place bringing together a Su-57 aircraft and the prototype of the combat drone S-70 Okhotnik-B. The flight, lasting 30 minutes, took place in automatic mode for the Okhotnik-B according to the Russian authorities, and would have allowed to test the control of the drone by the Su-57 as well as the cooperation between the two. apparatus for, in particular, extending the capacities of detection and engagement of the torque. This cooperation was identified as one of the program's priority development axes, a prototype of the PAK-FA program having been modified specifically for this mission. This collaboration is simplified by the use, on both devices, of similar communication and detection equipment, opening up many possibilities both in terms of data exchange and cooperative engagement.

While in the mid-2010s, the PAK-FA program seemed not to be the priority of the Russian military authorities, which then favored the production of devices like the Su-34 and Su-35, it experienced a serious acceleration. for 3 years, and the first pre-series device will be delivered by the beginning of 2020. The Russian authorities have not waited for the end of the testing phases for order 76 devices that will be delivered between 2021 and 2028. The heavy fighter has also been the subject of intensive testing, with two deployments seen in recent weeks at Hmeimim airbase in Syria. Moreover, according to the information transmitted by the Russian authorities, the production planes will be particularly cheap for a fighter of this size (> 30 tons) and of this generation (5th), with a “domestic” unit price of € 31m, which is cheaper than an F16 block 52.

The Okhotnik-B prototype under test today is called upon to greatly evolve, in particular as regards its propulsion and its nose, to reinforce its stealth.

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