Come to discover the subscription "Business Unit"

Subscribe 5 "professional" subscriptions to the Meta-Défense service, on the web and on smartphones and tablets, for you and your employees, in a single transaction, at the exceptional rate of 50 € HT per month!

To subscribe, it's here:

The Meta-Défense professional subscription offers access to all sections and articles, as well as exclusive content (gray information), and features reserved to improve team productivity, such as research dynamic cross-referencing to extract articles in a timeline according to your own criteria, note-taking on articles, and very soon, dynamic folders for immediate access to your favorite themes and set-up and notification tools.

To discover the characteristics of the professional subscription, it is here:

And remember, for individuals, that the subscription to Meta-Defense costs only 6,50 € per month, to enjoy all the articles, without time limit, or file!

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