In Southeast Asia, the number of submarines has increased by 300% in 20 years

With the rise of the Chinese fleet, which aims to equal the US Navy by 2050, and the policy of deeds sometimes implemented by Beijing, naval tensions in South-East Asia have been increasing since then. ten years. It should come as no surprise, then, to note that the majority of countries in the area are developing and modernizing their navies, sometimes in a substantial manner. Beyond Japan, the two Koreas, Australia and India, many Marines, who until then were confined to coastal defense missions and State-to-Sea action, are now equipped offshore capabilities, and first-rate vessels.


With 74.000 men, the Indonesian Navy is one of the most important in the theater of operations. It uses several types of ships, ranging from attack submarines (5 units) to frigates (8 units), including corvettes (25 units) and assault ships (6 units) and minesweepers (12 units).

The frigate Martadinata, first unit of the eponymous class, is characteristic of the revival of the Indonesian Navy

The Indonesian Navy has acquired 6 Nagapasa-class attack submarines, a South Korean version of the Type 209 already in service, 3 having already been delivered, and 3 additional units having been ordered in 2019. It also ordered, in 2012, 6 Martadinata-class frigates, derived from the Sigma 10514 of the Dutch shipyards Damen, 2 units being already built, 4 remaining to be built. They are intended to replace the 5 Ahmad Yani light frigates in service since the 60s. Very efficient and versatile, the new Indonesian frigates of 2400 tons and 105 m long, are equipped with a 76mm gun, 2 remotely operated guns of 20mm, a CIWS Millenium, as well as 16 Mica VL anti-aircraft missiles, 8 MM40 Exocets anti-ship missiles, and 2 triple torpedo tubes. They are also equipped with an advanced detection range, with a SMART-S radar from Thales Netherlands, and a KingKlip (hull) and Captas 2 (variable depth) sonar suite providing the vessels with anti-submarine warfare capabilities. advanced marines, and reinforced by the onboard Panther helicopter.


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