The 5 major equipment that will miss the French armies in 2025-2030

Over the years, the information transmitted, or filtered, concerning the reinforcement of the forces of the great military powers, and the new equipment that they will put into service in the years to come, become more and more precise, and more and more worrying. This concern turns into worry when this new equipment is liable to upset the balance of global forces in the world, or at the scale of large theaters of operations, such as Europe, or the Indo-Pacific theater.

In France, the recapitalization of the armed forces only dates back 2 years, framed by the new 2019-2025 Military Programming Law, presented a year ago as the response to the expectations of the armed forces, to face the technological and security challenges of the military. years to come. Unfortunately, the latter was designed on the basis of a reading that could be qualified as optimistic of the evolution of geopolitical power relations in the world, postponing or ignoring major technological developments that will quickly make faults to the French forces, if they had to be engaged in a conflict against a major adversary.

This article establishes a list of 5 of these major pieces of equipment that the French armies will not have in 2025, or even in 2030, even though they are essential to the effectiveness of forces in a modern combat environment.

1 - The Hypersonic Missile

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