Australian report says China now has ascendancy over US in Indo-Pacific

The Australian Think Tank United States Studies Center at the University of Sidney has published a very detailed report on the future of the balance of power between the United States and its allies, and China in the coming years in the Indo-Pacific area. And its conclusions are pessimistic to say the least. Indeed, according to the study carried out, which endeavors to detail many strategic aspects of the two opposing forces, the trajectory followed by China today has already given it an increasingly political and military ascendancy. more sensitive when we get closer to the country, an ascendancy which could well become global in the years to come due to a lack of a rapid and ambitious reaction from Washington.

The report thus highlights the constant and perfectly mastered progress by Beijing concerning the modernization of its armed forces initiated in the 2000s, and accelerated since the coming to power of Xi Jinping in 2012. Thus, between 2014 and 2019, the forces Chinese aircraft have received nearly 250 combat aircraft of the 4th generation and more, with 837 aircraft in fleet in mid-2019. They had less than 300 in 2009. The number of submarines and surface ships has grown in comparable proportions, dropping from 10 modern frigates and destroyers in 2009 to 48 today. The modernization of Chinese military power is particularly sensitive to the views of the increase in the number of strategic systems, with the massive arrival of intercontinental and medium-range ballistic missiles, as well as cruise missiles, almost absent from the Chinese inventory. 15 years ago.

In 10 years, American attack submarines will have spent 1.891 days, or 61 months, waiting at dock for the start of their scheduled maintenance programs.

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