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Despite its young age, Meta-Défense is a well-respected defense media, particularly by La Défense professionals. In fact, we regularly receive proposals to become an editor / author for the site. This article will explain the process, expectations and goals for joining our editorial team.

1- Choose a theme

Meta-Defense is primarily a service for professionals at La Défense. Therefore, the content presented must be precise, accessible and exhaustive. For this, we ask our authors to specialize in a particular theme, and to ensure coverage once they have chosen. Indeed, a theme can only be attributed to a single author, and the coverage of this theme depends on its compliance with production commitments.

To choose a theme, several constraints must be respected. First, it is not required to be an expert in the field to choose it. On the other hand, you must want to become one, and to be recognized as such. Writing articles for Meta-Défense is a good way to get to know the French Defense ecosystem, but for that, it is essential to show your skills in the chosen field.

A theme can be a country, a technology, a weapon, or a composition of the three. Be careful, the larger the theme, the more time it takes to work. To cover Defense news for a country like Japan, for example, you must not only be able to read Japanese, but also devote 6 to 8 hours a week on the eve and writing. But if you only devote to self-defense air forces and the Japanese aviation industry, 2 at 3 hours is enough.

Today, we are primarily looking for writers who can handle news in Africa, Brazil, South America, Middle East, India, Japan, South Korea and the Caucasus. From an operational point of view, we are looking for specialists in armored vehicles, artillery, communication systems and battlefield infovalorization.

To validate a theme, simply contact us by email at

2- The first article

Once your chosen theme has been validated, you can start writing your first article. That said, we advise you to start by creating a list of sources of information corresponding to your theme, which you will be able to consult daily, so as to detect the news which must be treated.

Articles on Meta-defense have 3 formats:

  • Brèves make between 2500 and 5000 characters. They consist of a news item treated in one or two paragraphs, then a "contextualization", which explains to the reader (Aka a professional of Defense), why this information is important for him. If you do not manage to write this context, it is because the subject of your article does not affect the readership of the service, so you have to choose another topic.
  • The "Confidential" are short stories from second level sources, ie not accessible through the major Defense information services in French or English. Confidential are only available to subscribers.
  • Analyzes are substantive articles, dealing with a problematic, by studying the context, the consequences, and the possible alternatives. An Analysis is usually between 7000 and 10000 characters. If it exceeds the 12.000 characters, it will be split into 2 serial scans of 6000 / 7000 characters each. Indeed, the consultation of the service is mainly on Smartphone, long articles are to be avoided.

At first, limit yourself to News, that we will be able, possibly, to classify in Confidentiality if need. You can start writing your first article.

3 - The first publication

Once your article written, send it to the email address, in a word file. If you have integrated images or illustrations, join them also in the mail, after making sure that they can be used on the site. Upon receipt of your article, we will contact you to review it together. If changes are required, we will help you to make them, to respect the positioning of the service.

Once the article has been validated, it will be integrated into the site and published by us. It will be signed with your name and a tagline presenting your specialty, with a link to your Linkedin profile if applicable. At publication, the article will also be published on the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts of the service. We recommend that you follow the comments of your article, and possibly respond to them if necessary.

From this moment, you become "officially" an author of Meta-Defense. An "author" account will be created on the service so that you can enter your next articles directly into the publication interface, and you will also have full access to the articles of the site, very useful for making links in your articles. When you publish a new article, the one goes into validation, before actually being published on the service. If changes are required, you will be contacted to make changes.

4- What's next?

From September, authors will be able to join the pool of freelance authors of the service as soon as they are able to issue invoices (status of autoentrepreneur for example). They will then be paid according to a grid that will be published in early September. Freelancers must, however, ensure the actual watch of the chosen theme, because as soon as they are positioned on it, it is no longer treated by the generalist pool. In case of vacations, obligations or exams, it will be enough to warn us, so that one can assure the interim.

That's it, you have the keys to join the Meta-Défense editorial team. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them by email, or on LinkedIn.

See you soon

Fabrice Wolf

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