The modernization of the South Korean High Seas Navy

For several years, the Republic of South Korea has undertaken an in-depth modernization of its defense tool, based in particular on the rapid development of its own defense industry. This modernization also affects the armored vehicles, including the Black Panther battle tank, combat aircraft, with the KFX program, and the Navy, with an effort beyond measure to transform the South Korean Navy into a navy of high sea, and make it one of the main actors in the peaceful theater.

After acquiring the technologies needed to develop its own buildings and systems, South Korea is now developing its own solutions, and is even gaining export success in both the submarine and surface-building sectors. This development took place in two stages:

  • During the 90 and 2000 years, the South Korean Navy moved from being a coastal defense navy to a deep-sea navy, for example through the acquisition of submarines. Type 209 / 214 with TKMS, and the construction of Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes with the assistance of Westerners, especially Europeans. It was at this time that she began to participate in major international exercises, such as RIMPAC, and that the first major tonnage vessels, such as the Destroyers Gwanggaeto the Great were launched.
  • From the 2010 years, it began its transformation towards an ocean-going navy, increasing still more significantly the tonnage of the buildings, as well as their armament. It is this phase that we will detail here.

This progressive approach allowed the Korean navy, as with its naval industry, to progressively acquire the know-how and technologies necessary to ensure this transformation, while integrating this progression into a controlled economic envelope. The future of the South Korean Navy is based on 4 main building types: attack submarines, destroyers, frigates and LHDs.

The attack submarines

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