Germany reportedly exported $ 1,1 billion worth of arms to Sunni Alliance countries

This is information which will certainly please the various companies of the French BITD, currently blocked by the German embargo on weapons systems and subsystems, towards the countries participating in the military intervention of the Sunni alliance in Yemen. Indeed, according to a report from the Federal Ministry of the Economy, German defense companies have received export authorizations to these countries for an amount of nearly €1 billion, for the period alone from January 1 to June 1. 2019.

Among these countries, Egypt is in the lead with $900 million in licenses, thanks in particular to the sale of two Meko200 corvettes, followed by the United Arab Emirates for $30 billion, as well as Saudi Arabia, which is said to have signed two licensing contracts. armament with Berlin during the period. In addition, talks are reportedly underway with Riyadh for the acquisition of military trucks built by Rheinmetall for an amount of €136 million. These figures do not take into account the subsidiaries of German defense groups, particularly in South Africa, which also export equipment to these countries under embargo, without having to undergo arbitration from Berlin.

Several French (Arquus, Nexter, Naval Group) and European (MBDA, Airbus) companies are today facing significant difficulties in executing their contracts with these countries, due to original subsystems. German, blocked by the embargo. There is no doubt that this report will be used in the ongoing negotiations on the subject, to try to unblock certain situations.

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