Meta-Defense: first level reached!

The Meta-Defense service has now reached its first functional level, one month before the date planned by the development schedule.

  • The service is now accessible and functional via a "Responsive" portal, that is to say adapting its layout according to whether it is accessed by a computer, a touch pad, or a smartphone
  • The connection to the service is secured via an SSL connection
  • Registration and subscriptions for online subscriptions are operational, 3 formulas being proposed (student 3 € per month, staff 6,5 € per month, and pro 24 € per month)
  • Android and IOS apps are available, with maintains account privileges, and notification system
  • The pages dedicated to Meta-Défense on social networks are deployed:
  • Public chat LinkedIn,
  • Public chat Twitter,
  • And on Facebook
  • Feel free to follow these pages and share the contents to "start" the social spread.
  • Productivity features have begun to be deployed:
  • The ability to take notes on each item
  • Dynamic cross-searches, to search for articles that respond to multiple folders or keywords (eg "Surface Fleet" + "Russia" => "Russian Surface Fleet")

In 4 weeks, the service has already registered more than 8000 unique visitors, for 28.000 page views. The mobile app, launched ten days ago (Android) and 4 days (IOS), has been installed more than 200 times, and alone generates more than 800 connections each day. At 1er June 2019, the service had registered more than 45 subscriptions per subscription.

The second step, which will lead us to the 1er September, will see the deployment of all productivity tools for professional and Premium offers, as well as the increase in the number of contributors, for ever more relevant and detailed analyzes. The first international services could also be created before this date.

You will discover these upcoming features, and read the detailed contents of the subscription offers for the Meta-Défense service, in the Subscriptions & Services section: personal and student subscription, professional subscription et Premium subscription.

Thank you to all those who, by their trust, have allowed the realization of this project!

Fabrice Wolf
Chief Editor Meta-Defense

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