Is the S-400 only an intermediary system?

As more information arrives on the S-500 system, it is obvious that the Russians have great ambitions for this system. On its own it will fulfill the functions of medium, long, very long range, anti-ballistic missile and probably anti-satellite systems. In fact, it will cover, on its own, the functions provided in the West by the PATRIOT, THAAD and GBI. For this, the S-500 system will implement a series of radar allowing low altitude, high altitude and long range coverage as well as a radar having an anti ballistic missile function.

This radar suite will be associated with a 360 ° firing line (4 plate radars?). Implementing a range of varied missiles adapted to all the targets that the system will be likely to destroy. On reading the ambitions displayed for this system (which will have to be confirmed during tests), it appears that the S-400 is only an intermediate system making it possible to make the junction between the aging S-300 and the future S -500.

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