UK wants to extend NATO Article 5 to Cyber ​​attacks

NATO member countries can, if they are the object of military aggression, appeal to Article 5 of the Alliance, known as the “Collective Defense Article”. In fact, the attack against this member country would become an attack against all the countries of the alliance. Each country would, however, be free to use the means it would use to fight against this aggression and provide assistance to the attacked country. This article has only been invoked once since the creation of the Atlantic Alliance, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, by the United States, which will trigger NATO's intervention in Afghanistan.

Faced with the upsurge in cyber attacks against increasingly strategic targets, attacks requiring state-level assets and skills, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said at a conference of the United Kingdom. NATO dedicated to Cyber ​​defense, have enough elements to appeal to this article 5 of Collective Defense. According to the minister, all the clues point to Russia, which would seek to have many strategic means to immobilize the country with a Cyber ​​attack, if the need arose. He also questioned the same Russia about interference in electoral processes in the United States, as in Ukraine. And to conclude that it would certainly be relevant to create an “article 5bis”, more adapted than the present articles, to take into account the reality of cyber attacks.

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