US Senate puts in place safeguards to prevent exit from NATO

President Donald Trump's positions vis-à-vis NATO are unpredictable. Moreover, the plural used in "positions" is not a figure of speech, the American president having clearly stated, depending on the context, very different positions, and even divergent, concerning the Atlantic alliance, ranging from threats of unilateral exits to fiery statements about the unwavering bond that unites the United States and European countries in this alliance.

Anyway, the American senators preferred to take the lead against their versatile president, by setting up dsafeguards to prevent any reckless action. And what could be more effective than knocking on the wallet? To achieve their ends, the senators voted a law preventing the financing of any withdrawal of American troops from Europe for a year, so as to break the link of simultaneity that could exist between an announcement of NATO exit, and the first troop withdrawals, de facto limiting the political benefit of such an initiative.

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