Between fantasy and conservatism, is there a place for a European Army?

On this last day of the electoral campaign for European women, the idea of ​​the creation of a European army returns to the front of the stage, with thepublication of a forum co-signed by more than sixty deputies and senators from the presidential majority, defending a European Army to guarantee peace on the Old Continent. Tribune immediately denounced and criticized by the opposition actors, judging it meaningless, and, in a way, false.

It is striking to note, in this file, that the vast majority of the positions expressed are based on the sole expression of personal convictions, and that at no time was an objective reflection carried out to know whether, yes or no , such a project was feasible, and if so, in what form. Supporters of the idea point to probable macro-political benefits in the very long term, ignoring the reality of European differences on the subject. Opponents, for their part, list these differences and the difficulties that such a project could encounter, and content themselves with deeming them too important to be able to be overcome. The subject was all the more badly treated, politically and mediatically, as Emmanuel Macron, like Angela Merkel, spoke out in favor of this project, without being able to outline it, giving free rein to all the possible interpretations, and therefore to all the oppositions.

However, the need for a rapid and massive strengthening of European defense capabilities is hardly in doubt today, between the rise of Russian military force, a country that is 4 times less populated and 10 times less wealthy than France. European Union, and yet capable today of sweeping away all the conventional European forces, which are very vulnerable without the help of the United States; China, which is developing a military force that will equal or even exceed American power in less than three decades; Turkey, whose NATO membership seems to be increasingly compromised, and whose president is getting closer every day to V. Putin and Xi Jinping; or the Sunni alliance, made up of all the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf and a galaxy of predominantly Sunni countries, such as Egypt, which continuously strengthens its military force as its defense industry, and takes more every day 'independence ; to name only the most direct threats. Added to this is the United States with its erratic behavior, demanding from Europeans an unfailing allegiance, as shown by recent tensions over European funds dedicated to the defense industry, and which, above all, will have to concentrate more each year. their forces in the Pacific to control Chinese military might, de facto reducing the deployable military potential in Europe.

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