US Navy bets on laser to protect combat ships

To explain the extent to which the US Navy is ready to invest in laser technology, in particular to defend its combat vessels, the Chief of Naval Surface Operations, Rear Admiral Ron Boxall, gave the example of Cortez. , who sank his ships on arriving on the New World, in order to galvanize his men, who knew that there would be no escape possible.

And indeed, the US Navy intends to force fate, by replacing from 2021 on the destroyer USS Preble, the same one which continues to make headlines and which has become accustomed to brushing against the islands claimed by China at sea. from China, the CIWS Phalanx system by the HELIOS system, a 60 Kw laser developed by Lockheed Martin, to protect the building against drones. The Navy's bet is risky, however, since, according to Admiral Boxall himself, a laser must have a power of at least 500 Kw, to be able to intercept the missiles sent against the destroyer, while HELIOS will only be able to evolve at 150 Kw.

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