New North Korean ballistic missiles could avoid US missile shield

According to an American official, quoted by the Los Angeles Times, the new models of short-range ballistic missiles tested by North Korea at the beginning of May, would have very many similarities with the Russian system 9K723 Iskander.

The Iskander system, designed to thwart American-made anti-missile defense systems, evolves at an evolution altitude ranging from 40 to 60 m at an average speed of mach 000 to mach 6, an altitude above the ceiling of the systems. Patriot PAC-8, and lower than the floor of the THAAD and SM3 systems. In fact, although being short-range systems, supposed to be intercepted by the Western anti-missile defense, the Iskander can only be intercepted in the terminal phase, when its speed is the greatest, and the delays d 'shortest interception.

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