Russian forces will replace their CIWS Pantsir systems

The information had already filtered a few months ago: the Pantsir S1 and S2 short-range anti-aircraft defense system, identified by the NATO code SA-22 GreyHound, and used by the Russian and Syrian forces to protect air bases and sensitive installations, seem not to have given satisfaction in the Syrian theater. According to the leaks at the time, the system's radar was having great difficulty in detecting small targets, and was very often parasitized by various elements, such as flocks of birds.

This information seems to be taking shape now. Thus, according to an anonymous source from the Russian Defense Ministry, quoted by the Defense-Blog, would confirm that Russian forces would seek to replace their Pantsir, by a new version of the short-range defense system, and would offer the current systems on the second-hand market at very aggressive prices.

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