2 nuclear aircraft carrier for the French Navy: Possible? How to do ? How to finance it?

During his hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, Admiral Jean-Philippe Rolland, commander of the Naval Action Force, estimated that the construction of a new aircraft carrier would cost France "more than 5 Billions of Euros ”, and even more if the option of nuclear propulsion was chosen.

Such an investment, in the current circumstances of economic and social tensions, obviously seems out of place. Especially since, even if the French Navy considers that it can implement a second aircraft carrier without having to increase its air carrier format, escorts, logistics buildings and attack submarines, such an addition would obviously benefit from a new fighter flotilla, an anti-aircraft frigate and two additional anti-submarine frigates, as well as an additional nuclear attack submarine. In the end, the overall investment, thus presented, makes the initiative unaffordable, which is why the problem has been postponed from seven to five years since the launch of the Charles de Gaulle.

Under these conditions, what would be the costs for the State budget of an initiative aimed at building not one, but two nuclear aircraft carriers, so as not only to ensure the permanence of the carrier strike group, but to anticipate the withdrawal of service from Charles de Gaulle, which will take place by 2035/2040?

An expensive building

The "5 billion" referred to by Admiral Rolland breaks down into a study phase of 1 billion euros for the aircraft carrier itself, as well as studies of the systems which will make it a feared weapon, such as its systems. anti-aircraft, anti-missile, anti-torpedo protection, its detection and communication systems, its jamming systems. Finally, there are studies concerning nuclear propulsion, for a building which is estimated to have to weigh more than 60.000 tonnes. Together, the studies therefore represent € 2,5 billion in investments.

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