Germany reduces the increase in its defense budget

Are the German authorities suffering from schizophrenia?

In any case, this is the question we can ask ourselves when, barely two days after proposing the design and use of a European aircraft carrier, and once again having put forward the hypothesis of 'an abandonment by France of its seat as a Permanent member of the UN Security Council, for the benefit of Europe, now they are announcing that the 2019 Defense budget will finally be € 43,2 billion, and not of € 47,2 billion as planned, and announced on several occasions, in particular at the last NATO summit, as demanded for several months by the finance minister Olaf Scholtz, member of the SPD. In addition, the target of a budget reaching € 55 billion and 1,5% of German GDP in 2025 seems, more than ever, to be compromised.

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