Germany's elimination of F35 goes badly with NATO

Obviously, the decision of Germany not to retain the F35 as candidate to replace its 90 Tornado, does not suit NATO at all. In any case, this is the meaning of many declarations and publications more or less official, in relation to the alliance.

Among the criticisms addressed to the German government, that of weakening the alliance by choosing a device which will be "obsolete" within ten years, the "difference in performance between Typhoon and F35", and the possible abandonment of the ability to carry the B61 nuclear bomb. We can therefore get an idea of ​​the pressure Belgian officials were subjected to for the choice of the device to replace its F16s, and we are not surprised that the German government is singled out for privilege its industry (to the US industry?), as is the French government, suspected of being at the origin of this decision. It is true that France has always had an immense influence on Germany in terms of Defense ...

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