Rapid deterioration of the situation in Syria following the use of chemical weapons

As evidence accumulates of chemical weapons use in Douma on April 7, and France and the United States demand an emergency UN Security Council meeting, a missile attack on the Syrian air base of Tiyas, also called T4, was carried out on the night of April 8 to 9, killing more than a dozen among the Syrian and Iranian soldiers present there. After initially blaming the United States and France, Russia, and Syria, now point the finger at Israel, including two F-15s would have fired 8 cruise missiles against this base, in order to prevent "the creation of an Iranian base" near the Hebrew State.

Tensions between Russia and the West, and in particular the United States, have continued to deteriorate since the intervention in Crimea and Donbass by Russian forces. In recent weeks, they have gone up a notch again, this time about the Syrian regime guilty, according to Western capitals, of using chemical weapons against the rebellious civilian populations. But other related factors intervened to accentuate these tensions, such as the Skipal affair in the United Kingdom, which led to the expulsion of more than 100 diplomats from Russian plenipotentiary representations in the West, and the expulsion in retaliation of as many Western diplomats from Russia. On Friday April 6, the US State Department also announced new sanctions against people and companies close to Russian power, linked to Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential elections.

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