The Pentagon wants to remove the central entity controlling the F35 program

In a March 27, 2018 letter to the United States Congress, the Pentagon signaled its intention to divide the single entity in charge of the F35 program, into entities specific to each armed force (Air Force, Navy and Marines). This measure would aim to improve the interaction between the armies and the industrialist, and thus reduce the very important maintenance costs of the Lockheed aircraft, but also to increase its very insufficient availability today. By proceeding in this way, the Pentagon wishes to transfer part of the maintenance operations of the industrial perimeter to the armed forces themselves, and thus hopes to reduce labor costs and maintenance times for the F35.

Contrary to the announcements of the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force last week, there is indeed a major problem when the maintenance and development costs of the F35 for the Pentagon. And this measure is presented as the keystone of the program intended to reduce these costs to acceptable levels.

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