Malaysia would like to order two additional submarines

The Royal Malaysian Navy plans to acquire two additional submarinesin addition to the two Scorpene submarines already delivered by Naval Group. The delivery of the new submarines would be scheduled during the 14th equipment plan for the armed forces 2031-2035, and the 15th plan 2036-2040. The expansion of the submarine fleet follows the reinforcements of the various navies in the Indo-Pacific region. The Scorpene of Naval Group, operational in the Malaysian navy since 2009, is given favorites, without however that a confirmation in this direction has filtered.

The Indo-Pacific zone has become, in recent years, a powder keg in power, with navies and air forces which are constantly strengthening themselves, carried by rather flourishing economies, and driven by the extraordinary effort of China to build a naval force of world class, capable of opposing the US Navy and its allies. In fact, each navy in the region has undertaken major modernization and equipment programs:

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