The Czech Republic will launch a program to replace its armored personnel carriers and infantry combat vehicles for € 2 billion

The Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic announced the upcoming launch of a program to acquire 200 Troop Transport vehicles armored and infantry fighting vehicles to replace its BP2-2s inherited from the Soviet era. 3 companies have tendered, Bae with the CV90, General Dynamic with the Ascor, and RheinMetall which simultaneously offers the Lynx and the Puma from KMV. The winner will be decided at the end of the year and deliveries will begin in 2019.

One might wonder why Nexter did not participate in the call for tenders. The Czech General Staff wanted a tracked APC, but Nexter currently only produces wheeled vehicles. The only tracked armored vehicles that will equip the French armies by 2025 will be the 200 Leclercs heavy tanks.

However, if wheeled armored vehicles are very effective in urban, desert or mountainous areas, such as in Afghanistan or Mali, tracks offer better mobility in the Central European zone, characterized by numerous forests and wetlands. This is one of the areas of concern regarding the overly limited so-called “high-intensity” capabilities of the French armies, even at the end of the LPM.

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