Germany unveils air defense of the future

The manufacturer RheinMetall presented its German sky defense program for decades to come against planes, cruise missiles and ballistics, in partnership with the American Raytheon, the American missile specialist who manufactures, among other things, the Patriot 3 system in service to 13 other countries. Integrating all systems across German territory, the program will make extensive use of artificial intelligence, and will enter service from 2025. Through its capillarity in 14 countries, the Patriot P3 + system will be able to maintain a particularly up-to-date database of electromagnetic signatures, which will be shared with all users.

If the option of the F35 to replace the German Tornados had caused a stir in France, the choice of Raytheon's Patriot for Germany's air and missile defense is also open to criticism in the hypothesis of a construction of Europe of the defense. Indeed, the Franco-Italian Mamba System based on the Aster 15/30 missile showed superior performance to the Patriot, for a comparable or even lower price. In addition, France and Italy announced the development of the Aster30 Block1NT, specialized in the interception of short and intermediate range ballistic missiles up to 5000 km, available from 2021, a missile largely at the level of the Patriot systems. 

We can therefore ask ourselves whether, despite the speeches and assurances given to France, Germany is actually fully committed to the construction of Defense Europe? If we look at the last major programs undertaken by Germany, namely Air Defense awarded to Raytheon, and heavy helicopters awarded to Sikorsky, we can only note a gap between the words and the facts.

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